Flexlink - Factory Automation

FlexLink is a company with its roots in manufacturing. Established in 1980, the company emerged from a production efficiency project at SKF, the world-leading bearing manufacturer, and production efficiency is still what drives the company today.

FlexLink has unrivaled experience of many industries – automotive, bearings, electronics, food, lab automation, optical, personal products, pharmaceutical, tissue and tobacco. This has enabled us to leverage synergies and develop solutions that enhance long-term competitiveness.A learning organization FlexLink is a learning organization with a culture that encourages and supports continuous employee learning, critical thinking, risk-taking and new ideas. Not only does the company invest in the new machinery to make production more efficient, but in the flow of know-how that sustains its business. In other words, FlexLink thrives on knowledge generation, appropriation and exploitation.

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Aluminum conveyor systems
Stainless steel conveyor systems
Pallet and puck handling conveyors
PCB handling equipment
Controls and OEE tools
Safety engineering
Robotic solutions