A Confluence of Expertise: Lean Stream, Fuji America Corporation, and Koh Young America Unite to Unveil a New Collaborative Workspace

Fuji / Koh Young / Lean-stream western education center now open

SMT TODAY: In a groundbreaking move set to redefine the landscape of electronics manufacturing in the Silicon Valley and the Bay Area, Lean Stream, Fuji America Corporation, and Koh Young America have come together to launch a state-of-the-art collaborative workspace in Fremont, California.

Joel Scutchfield, General Manager of SMT Operations at Koh Young America: “As we unite our expertise, this innovative hub promises to be a game-changer, showcasing live demonstrations, immersive training sessions, and cutting-edge smart factory solutions for advancements in electronics manufacturing.”

Tom Zabkiewicz, Executive Vice President at Fuji America Corporation: “The collaborative workspace will feature live demonstrations that offer a firsthand look at innovative technologies shaping the future of electronics manufacturing.From advanced assembly line solutions to precision machinery, attendees will witness the seamless integration of hardware and software designed to optimize efficiency and quality.”

Robert Jones, President of Lean Stream: "This collaborative workspace isn’t just a facility – it’s a hub for area manufacturers to stay at the forefront of industry trends. By providing a space for networking, knowledge exchange, and collaboration, the workspace aims to create a vibrant community that propels the entire region into a leadership position in electronics manufacturing.”

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