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Fuji opened its doors in 1959 as a machine tool manufacturer. To satisfy our customers' needs, Fuji expanded its manufacturing capabilities in 1978 to include electronic circuit board assembly equipment.Our background as a machine tool builder has taught us the value of designing equipment from the ground up. This approach guarantees a quality of construction that allows our machines to hold up over time. Consequently, all our chip shooters, fine-pitch placers, and glue stations are unmatched in the industry for their accuracy, repeatability, and durability under extreme conditions. Strengthened by our machines' reputation for durability and reliability, we have become the world's largest supplier of SMT equipment.In our 35 years of business in the SMT arena, industry demands have evolved, and we have integrated unprecedented technologies with our machines' ground-up design to answer those demands. In recent years, we have also added software tools to our product line that manage and optimize the entire assembly process. In all, we seek to provide our customers with the reliable solutions and knowledge they need to succeed.

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