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Vayo is currently head quartered in Shanghai, Pudong. Vayo has become a highly innovative software technology enterprise dedicated to offering comprehensive NPI Solutions for electronics companies in each stage of the manufacturing process. Partnering with North America master distributor Lean Stream LLC, headquartered in Fremont, CA Vayo America is entering a new era of full-sclare business development and customer support. Under Vayo America, Lean Stream features the VayoPro series of NPI Solutions (DFM, DFT, SMT, Test, Document Expert, View Expert, SPI and Flexa Accelerator) aimed to streamline the production process and dramatically reduce time to market while improving profitability. Cetainly a Vayoable alternative to DFM & NPI!Vayo Intelligent NPI Software SubscriptionWe're glad to announce that Vayo has launced a subscription for their suite of NPI Software Solutions

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